Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed

Rolling Stones.

The Beatles.

Stevie Wonder.

Joni Mitchell.

The Allman Brothers Band.

I have an album cover for each hanging in my office.

However, that is not what they each have in common.

They are all innovators; visionaries; crusaders; seers and seekers. Each one of these artists represented many things to many people but to one thing they were all true. They were not Formulaic.

I digress for a moment.

I tend to read the wedding announcements in the New York Times a’la 27 Dresses.So much can be gleaned from reading about how a couple met…what was important to them during their wedding and what their future plans are.

Recently I read about two Divorce Lawyers that had married and then divorced but not until they had given birth to a son. Not at all surprising, the husband and wife became closer and more empathetic to the other after the divorce and while working to raise a child together using the Nesting Method. This is a paradigm whereby the child resides in the primary family home and it is the parents that transition in and out of that residence pursuant to their written Agreement.

In this Times article, the Husband had a takeaway for couples contemplating Divorce. He cautioned divorcing couples to focus on the Human issues. The fine point he was making is that the Legal issues: Income; Property and Child Support, are formulaic.

It can not be emphasized enough how important it is that clients in Divorce Mediation speak to their truth. A robust discussion about what makes sense for each person…what each party envisions as a viable compromise or solution, speaks directly to the human condition. The fruit of such conversations then becomes the foundation for charting a resolution course for those bell weather legal issues.

The Divorce Mediation session is the perfect forum wherein the couple can deviate from the boundaries and restrictions of the litigious courtroom. It is during the mediation sessions that new ideas flourish. Where voices come into tune with the spirit of heart and mind. Where creativity is elevated above and beyond there mundane.

Your particular music heroes may hail from the 80’s or 90’s or 1964. The year is unimportant. What matters is that the music moved you. That is what we want to do here at Mediate for Life Divorce Mediation Center. We want to release you from the formulaic responses of traditional divorce proceedings. We are here to help you innovate your future. We are ready willing and able to guide you so that you can seek out a divorce agreement that speaks your truth…and sounds good too.

steven bettman