How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


We are taught from a very early age that practice is critical to learning. In fact the old adage is, “Practice makes Perfect.”

It is not easy investing in the stock market, securities, bonds and derivatives. It takes time, learning , research and practice.

It is no easy feat to raise a family. It takes communication, confidence, trust and nerves of steel…and years of practice.

Many of us, at a subpar level, simply stop practicing. Inextricably, we have the shared belief that once we have spent a portion of our life practicing, it is then time to stop.

Spiritual enlightenment is not something that you are randomly anointed with. Financial security is not something you can simply pick up off the sidewalk.

The fallacy is that once you stop practicing you may as well give up the thought of ever accomplishing something new. Rubbish!

In the realm of Divorce Mediation, the act of practicing communication, transparency and integrity, informs you psychologically and physically. As you begin this practice, your mind is learning to flex and grooves are made in your psyche so that as you continue your practice, the pathway is conditioned and ready for you to move forward with intention and gusto. Your body responds with endorphins and muscle acuity, allowing you to feel and act with more balance, strength and confidence.

With regard to divorce, it does not take years of intensive practice to reap the benefits. In the proper environment and with guidance from the right mediator, your ability and capacity to understand, communicate and decide your future is more real than you may think.

As we approach the New Year, we at Mediate for Life wish you a year of practicing healthy choices, strong decisions, sustainable intentions, joyful interludes, mindful moments and happy daydreams.

If the time comes…come to us…we practice the mediation of divorce.

steven bettman