Why Co-mediation?

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If you are on the verge of divorce, you have two choices.

You can hire a lawyer and pay a 5 figure retainer. At that point all communications between you and your spouse shift to motions and posturing between the two attorneys. The ultimate decisions are left to the Judge. You pay for the show…you suffer the indignities and you end up with an agreement that does not reflect your needs and wants.

In the alternative, you and your spouse can engage in divorce mediation.

Mediate for Life provides two mediators at the same time co-mediating the divorce session.

The benefit to the couple to having two trained and experienced mediators is priceless.

The old adage of ' Two Heads are better than one ' is expanded to include two sets of eyes and two sets of ears.

Once you have crossed the threshold of selecting Divorce Mediation why not take advantage of as much professional experience and wisdom as possible to support and guide you through this complicated process.


We work mainly with couples seeking divorce, but we also work with clients for other mediation needs. other services


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