Was Jimi Hendrix writing about Divorce in Purple Haze?

Those of you who have not experienced a Divorce may wonder what it feels like.

Though it's a pretty sure bet that Jimi Hendrix was not writing about divorce when he penned, "Purple Haze", he did capture the gist of what those caught in the cross hairs of divorce feel and think.

" Purple Haze, all in my eyes

Don't know if its day or night

You got me blowing, blowing my mind

Is it tomorrow or just the end of time"

Captured in that purple haze are issues of child custody; retirement benefits; sale of the marital home and access to the children. It is a sinking feeling filled with dread and suspicion and a real sense of powerlessness. The haze can close in so much that one feels the only way to defend is to retreat into a cocoon and block out the onslaught of the divorce storm.

A cocoon is not a fortress nor is it a cave for hibernation. The cocoon is a transformative environment. Once within the cocoon transition takes over. Suffice it to say, there is nothing wrong about creating a cocoon for yourself.

The example of the caterpillar is apropos. The caterpillar secretes a safe and sterile space where it can shed its layers and nuances until it becomes a pupa...neither a caterpillar nor a metamorphic living creature.

When the metamorphosis is complete, the butterfly will only survive, with its gorgeous winged colors and graceful dance of flight, if it struggles on its own to break through the walls of the cocoon.

That is the miracle we strive for at Mediate for Life. Our goal is to keep the mediation sessions safe, nurturing and productive. There is a future on the other side of divorce...not the 'end of time'.

steven bettman