All you need is love...

The Beatles sing, " All you need is Love."

Many people grow up holding these words to be self evident and true. The words are viewed as a beacon to ascend to. And yet, there is a push back from day one. Who hasn't heard the words, " Money makes the world go round."?

The act of falling in love is not dictated by fractions and decimals; spread sheets and net worth statements. The moment that brings two people together is draped in trust and mutual respect. The integration of two separate individuals into a singular relationship is a miracle by any standard.

However, at the point the word "Divorce" enters the conversation, it matters not how or why the marriage has failed. What is important is that the language used to communicate has shifted to something strained and barely intelligible...a wall of numbers.

The broad strokes of a couple enamored with one another is cast in a palette of reds, blues, yellow and purple. Once divorce is on the table there is a rapid devolution to the green of a dollar.

Many misinformed and disillusioned couples seek redress and recompense with dueling lawyers and stone faced judges. There is a better way.

Divorce Mediation ensures that the distinct voices of the couple are heard and listened to no matter what hue they are cast in. The sessions are held in an atmosphere of transparency and trust. The method utilized at Mediate For Life places two mediators in the divorce mediation session along with the couple. Our Co-Mediators oversee the entire divorce mediation process. They draw on their decades of experience and knowledge in the Law and Individual and Family Counseling.

The colors we strive to attain at Mediate For Life are Black and White. White for the paper your Agreement is printed on and Black for the ink spelling out your terms...your needs and your agreement. 

steven bettman