If You can't decide on a Refrigerator how will You choose a Divorce Mediator?

I have been in the market for a refrigerator. I’ve read Consumer Reports.I have scoured the internet for reviews. I have shopped the big box stores and the local appliance centers. I have considered French Doors; Side by Side; water on the outside; ice on the inside and wifi accessibility, though this list is by no means exhausted. I have asked family, friends and acquaintances for their knowledge and experiences regarding Refrigerators. After two weeks of deep dive research I have reached the following limited conclusions:

#1 I know what brands I do not want…I think.

#2 I know what style I like.

I guess this is to be considered progress.

One would think that if you are considering getting a Divorce, the decision list is shorter and more basic…Litigation or Mediation. This is reasonably true, yet once a decision has been made to avoid lawyers and judges and courts, how does one actually go about choosing a Divorce Mediator?

Most divorce mediators in the Westchester County vicinity are qualified and fair choices when you are considering mediation for your divorce. And yet, will you be comfortable and feel that you are in competent hands when you select a no frills entry level ‘freezer on the top’ refrigerator-mediator? That is not to say you need all of the bells and whistles of a $10,000 refrigerator.

What you do need is Co-Mediators, two mediators who will work together with you from the very beginning, right beside you and your partner, to hear you, speak with you and guide you to the divorce agreement that is best suited by and for you.

Mediate for Life stands out in the field as a model that offers you added security; added insight; added perspective; added wisdom and added experience, culminating in a much more robust and in depth divorce mediation experience and conclusion.

Refrigerator branding and deciphering the ratings is convoluted.

Divorce Mediation with Mediate for Life is a natural and consistent choice for those seeking a comprehensive and fair resolution to their marital dispute. We will not freeze you out.

steven bettman