Have you heard...There is Life after Divorce

There is life after divorce. It may not seem true or likely while one is in the throes of marital discord but the reality is that eventually a day dawns when a divorce is attained. The next day your new life begins.

Each person's journey to that moment of realization that the marriage has been dissolved and a Judgment of Divorce has been signed by a Judge, is different. Yet, a primal fear of the unknown seems to cast a dark shadow on most clients. The biggest concern that divorcing people have is will they have enough money to sustain them post divorce.

At Mediate for Life, we take an in-depth and comprehensive approach to the issue of finances. The analysis of the parties holdings begins with bank accounts; securities; real estate; pensions; annuities; investments; and inheritances. when necessary and appropriate we utilize forensic accounting procedures and we partner with financial specialists in order to create a map that resonates with our clients as to where the money is and how it flows between the Husband, the Wife, savings and expenses.

How much is enough? Sure, there are applications and programs to help decipher the financial information. There are formulas adhered to by the Courts to assist them in arriving at an agreement which may very well not reflect your own needs and wants.

Remember, you are considering Divorce Mediation. Mediation has a specific  protocol within which the parties come into a mediation session planning on sitting down together to work out a financial framework that will most likely deviate from the decision a court may order upon the conclusion of a litigated trial.

Each individual facing a divorce must ask themselves what will it be that will breathe life into their lungs the moment the final judgment of divorce snuffs out the marriage. What does your freedom look like? What does your motivation look like? What amount of money will revive and sustain your future?

There is no quick fix answer to any of these questions. It is not a one size fits all playbook. However, rest assured that we are right there beside you asking the right questions, considering the responses, formulating a different way to traverse the divorce financial landscape in hope of achieving a workable and coherent agreement that makes sense for each of you.

The nugget to keep close in mind is this: One can not move forward into a new life if their head and heart are weighing heavy and they are immobile. Ones eyes must be looking forward to the  new day emerging before them. One must completely refrain from replaying the past and dwelling on old, failed and untrustworthy road maps.

At Mediate for Life, we may not be able to help you with your own personal reincarnation, but we stand ready, willing and able to reframe your next life, after divorce

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