Waiting for Godot

In today's smart world, how long are you willing to wait?

If you text someone, do you expect an immediate reply?

If you enter a restaurant without a reservation will you wait for a table?

if you order an item on line will you pay extra to get it in two days or less?

The real question is, if you are contemplating getting a divorce, are you willing to wait until you have worked out all of the issues or will you rush to an agreement ostensibly blind, mute and deaf?

There are countless reasons why people in the midst of a divorce ultimately decide to end communicating with their soon to be ex-spouse. The predominant cause for communication breakdown is that one or both parties are simply tired of waiting for the divorce process to be concluded.

The Divorce Agreement is only as good was the work that the parties put into it. If you are not willing to wait and listen to what your spouse is trying to say to you; if you are not willing to wait to see if there really does exist a way to make a decision that works and is agreeable to both of you, then neither party will respect the agreement and there will be no buy in. The obvious outcome is that the likelihood of the agreement becoming a viable working agreement for the parties for years to come will be slim and none.

Divorce is not a smart phone app whereby you can dissolve the bonds of matrimony with the click of a button. However, with Mediate for Life, you may find your perfect application to resolving the challenges faced in working to obtain your divorce.

With divorce mediation at Mediate for Life the time clock is in your hands...the reins to head in the direction that best suits your particular needs are held by you.

We assure you, the final agreement you seek and the rest of your life will be worth the wait when you work with our mediation team.

steven bettman