It is undeniable and quite remarkable that Mediate for Life Divorce Mediation Center is staffed by a Co Mediation team of Husband and Wife divorce mediators.

While we bring to the divorce mediation process a wheelhouse full of professional experiences, training and wisdom, there remain a few things that one only experiences on a personal level.

Unless you have personally slogged and suffered through a divorce, you can only imagine the toll that the divorce process takes on one’s mind, emotions and spirit.

Yet, I will testify to you here and now, that when we are mediating in the divorce mediation session, seated right beside the divorcing couple, the feeling of contempt; the hostility that ebbs and flows; the resignation to false claims draining hope from their veins; the seemingly irretrievable loss of security and sensibility weighing each spouse down like an anchor, are as real, visceral and palpable as if we the mediators were party to the divorce.

This is exactly where you need to look when you are deciding upon a litigated divorce with lawyers or a mediated divorce with divorce mediators. Look at the distance that separates you from the professional you are relying on to help get you to an agreement.

If you select an Attorney -Litigator, you will ultimately tell your side of the conflict in the comfort and protection of the attorney’s office. You will recite what you recall your spouse saying to you about child support or maintenance or when to introduce the children to the significant other. Your attorney will be insulated from the heartache and pain generated when you have to come face to face with your divorcing spouse as you enter the courtroom.

However, with Mediate for Life we are shoulder to shoulder with both spouses, directly in the line of sight when the flood gates open…when the fuse gets lit…when the adrenaline surges through the veins and out of the mouth as vile, despicable diatrods. We walk in your shoes…we breathe in your air…we await the possibilities with the same apprehension, trepidation and hopefulness as our clients.

Sure, you may arrive at approximatly the same place…a divorce, if you hire a litigator…but what condition will you be in at that point? Drained of funds? Drained of emotional and mental energy? Physically depleted of muscle and oxygenated blood from handling the entire process alone? Resentful and disillusioned that your words and feelings were ignored and marginalized?

Our hope and goal is to help you find your footing and show you a way to see a different perspective on the sustainability of your life moving forward. Mediation will cost you far less than litigation. It will give you far more control over your future. It will create and reframe your self esteem and your sense of self determination. Most significantly, you will have the knowledge that it was you that held the power in arriving at a divorce agreement.

The first , most important step is to choose divorce mediation. But, do not forget to keep making good decisions. The people you surround yourself with at this critical and pivotal point in your life are integral to your future happiness and your healthy disposition.

We hope that you make an undeniable and remarkable choice by selecting Mediate for Life as your divorce mediators.

steven bettman