Grandpa Morris believes in a healthy foundation.

My Grandfather was notorious for dispensing sage advice to me.

I distinctly remember one jewel he imparted: You must take care of yourself before you can help others.

As a tween I was not cognizant of the nuances and challenges in his words. My take away was that if I was not healthy, I could not be there to help someone who needed me.

I now think that what Grandpa Morris was saying is that we each need to have a solid foundation before we can grow. Perhaps he learned this through his own life experiences or maybe he drew on what he knew best…building supplies and hardware.

As children, the most important foundational learning comes from the underpinnings of family. As adults, we transition to relationships with significant others and we add-on and renovate our foundations.

The union of two people represents the epitome of creating a foundation. Within the pilings of the foundation grow love and happiness and sorrow and disappointment. Miracles and trauma swirl around the growing healthy foundation of ones life and family.

Then, in a fractured breath, a halted blink of an eye, your footing shifts and your foundation is exposed to the deterioration and decay of divorce.

When one’s foundation starts to shift and crumble and disappear, a majority of people think that Money is what they need in order to go out and buy a new foundation. The reality is that even with money, a healthy and strong foundation is unattainable without working on one’s self.

I know what the emphasis is on…I understand that the focus is laser locked on the finances when divorce is squarely on the radar.

It is undeniable that the questions of: What will happen to my retirement benefits? What will become of my investments? What will I do about my business and house? What will my monthly income look like in light of all my new expenses? How will my children survive the divorce? will subsume your every waking moment.

At Mediate for Life, we are trained and experienced to help you find answers and create plans that will address your concerns and questions. More importantly, we strive to provide you with a paradigm within which you can continue to live in a sustainable manner.

Notwithstanding the expansive positives that are shared by you during our walking together along the critical journey to divorce, we have set as our goal the challenge of empowering you to re-adjust…re-frame…repair…realign…recreate your foundation.

The life force which leads you to a stable and healthy personal foundation does not come from money and holdings and real estate and portfolio’s. Rather, it is accessed through laughter and joy. Through Tai Chi and yoga. From biking and swimming. Through book clubs and interactive social activities.It is the the act of your re engagement in life.

When a divorce is completed, the parties take stock of what they have lost and what they have been able to save. Often, the first consideration that is opined is, How full is their respective monetary account?

Mediate for Life asks you to permit us to pose a different question: On a scale of 1-10, what is the status of your self worth and self esteem?

When divorce is in your forecast, come to the protected harbor of Mediate for Life. We can help you index what you need to secure yourself a foundation for moving forward with your life.

steven bettman