Your subconscious has a play list and it's holding you back.

The thirty (35) years of higher education; training; work experience; life’s journey; wisdom and personal insight, together, represent the number one source of energy and sustenance for me as a practicing divorce mediator.

And yet, it is the dharma…the teaching from yoga that informs me just as much.

This week the focus was on the conscious mind.

Almost all of us try to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health by various means. Some eat healthy…some exercise regularly…some abstain from alcohol or animal protein…and there are those that practice affirmations. The positive expression of one’s inner energy and life force.

I will love myself. I am worthy. I deserve to be happy. I am beautiful.

The amount of work that we do to make ourselves a better person can be rigorous and frustrating with slow results. We carefully choose our clothes, restaurants, friends and neighborhoods in order to closely approximate the lifestyle we wish to live and to feel the way we think we should live.

This all occurs within the conscious mind. You know…we know…I know what I am doing and saying when I make my New Years resolution. I am consciously committing to persevering to the end to be successful in accomplishing my new years goal.

And then it happens. The Subconscious mind awakens.

We may be doing great at exposing our current affirmations. Yet, there is a soundtrack which has been playing and solidifying within each one of us since we were newly born. The pattern may be different in each case but a pattern it well is.

Our subconscious has embedded within its membranes the messages we decoded and added to our personal DNA as we were growing up.

You’re stupid. You’re fat. You’re worthless. You’re ugly.

As long as the pattern continues to play and hijack your feelings and keep your higher aspirations in a nebulous prison , no amount of affirmations, diets, self-help books, spiritual retreats, will help you purge your subconscious .

The solution? Mindfulness.

The millisecond by millisecond intentional act of being mindful of your” here and now” will ultimately begin to silence your destructive subconscious. Be in the moment long enough for you to hear yourself think and listen to the words that your mind speaks and your heart sings.

This may all be too much for you, the reader, in the looming shadow of a formidable divorce, but I assure you, when you begin Divorce Mediation, your subconscious will seek to sabotage you. When ‘it” starts to implement those growing up patterns and compositions that play to your worst fears, heed my words.

Here at Mediate for Life, our mediators have the tools and experience and know-how to expertly help you work out whatever issues you bring to the table. We know the cold hard facts of Divorce and Mediation. We also know how deeply important and essential it is to be warm and comforting.

The difference for you is that though there are other mediation practices in the area, the other mediators don’t know what it truly means to be mindful of a client. When you enter our space our goal is to support you, guide you and offer you affirmations in order to lead you to a place of understanding, acceptance and the happiness of being mindful of the new you.

steven bettman