I often wonder what a prospective client is thinking when they arrive at the home page of our Divorce Mediation practice: MediateforLife.com

What is it that has brought them to us in the first place?

What vibe are they getting from our website?

What are they looking for?

Or, do we represent a choice that does not necessarily speak to them?

Are these prospective clients, that are searching the internet for a Divorce Mediator, looking for someone who will tell them, even before the mediation session commence, exactly how much money they will be able to keep from the marriage?

Are prospective clients seeking an upfront, definitive answer as to what the Parenting Plan will be?

The thing is, We are Divorce Mediators. We are not Divorce Litigators.

We will not make false or unreasonable claims that we can ‘get’ you this or that. We will not lead you down rabbit holes or into the great abyss of lies, disrespect and deception.

When a couple agrees to sit down for Divorce Mediation with us, we will address and discuss in the mediation sessions, everything appropriate and pertinent to the dissolution of their marriage. That includes, but is not limited to Finances, Real Estate, Personal Property, Children, Retirement, Debts, Assets and Businesses.

The hope is that any lawyer or mediator would be able to cover similar ground in a fairly competent manner.

The major distinguishing difference that prospective clients should be aware of, is the How. How will their particular divorce be handled? How will each person in the couple be treated and will they be respected, supported and encouraged to speak their mind with clarity, transparency and truth?

What makes us stand far and away from other divorce prqctioners is the fact that we understand and appreciate the psychological and emotional dynamics taking their toll on each of out clients. We are not going to ask you to Power On through your feelings of grief and loss and vulnerability simply on order to rush to an empty and false result.

There is a very special area of the divorce paradigm that is rarely dealt with by other divorce practitioners. Their focus is merely to het you to a written agreement. However, we at Mediate for Life Divorce Mediation Center deem it a cornerstone of a healthy divorce process.

It is discovered very early on that throughout the divorce journey personal relationships will be changed and altered. Some will not survive the divorce. Some will be weakened and some will be fortified. The relationship with your friends, co-workers and family are all susceptible to the intrusion of Divorce.

There is a more integral relationship that gets extreme short shrift. When the bonds of matrimony begin to unravel and the future landscape begins to take on hues and substance that are unrecognizable from your past life, it is your relationship with yourself that must come into focus and to the forefront for saving and survival.

You may not be readily conscious of the need to tune into your relationship with yourself. It may seem too touch-feely for your comfort level. We get that.

However, it is a Fact: If you Ignore yourself…you will disappear.

We do not want that to be your father. We work tirelessly to insure that you are in the best position you can be in order to thrive Post Divorce Judgement.

We look forward to starting a working relationship with you.

steven bettman