Reframing Divorce

Mediate for Life, is a Divorce Mediation practice located in Westchester County, New York. 

Most of us learned to reframe our world at a very young age. For instance, as children we would squint to see out of one eye versus the other. We learned to bend our index finger into the crux of our thumb and palm and view the world as if thru a telescope. We learned to twirl ourselves in circles and observe the world as a spinning top.

We view our lives through tears and laughter. We contemplate our world through gastric delights or while we are steeped deep in adventurous exploits.

What ultimately becomes a problem for many people as they mature is that they forget how to reframe what they are seeing. People become stuck in their own personal view of the world to the exclusion of any other vantage point.

When two people are at the point of divorce, it is a frequent reality that their road to divorce was one of wearing blinders to the signals and hazards that were befalling them as they went about their married lives.

Mediate for Life is committed to working with our clients to help them become more mindful of what a healthy life means to them through the lens of a skilled and experienced Divorce Mediator.

The subject matter of a divorce can sting. The topics that need to be discussed feel monumental. The timeline until an Agreement is reached may look infinite. Yet, literally, with a blink of an eye...a turn of a phrase by your mediator, there is a reframing of the road block, and a path is uncovered leading to a healthier horizon.

The primary thing we keep elevated, at Mediate for Life, is your need to be heard, understood and respected. We look forward to being there for you in order to guide you to a divorce agreement that you can accept with your eyes wide open.

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