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Mediate for Life Divorce Mediation Center LLC located in White Plains, Westchester County NY can guide and advise you in a more positive, more private, family-friendly and less expensive divorce experience through divorce mediation.

Why Mediate?

The underpinnings of a traditional adversarial litigated Divorce are fraught with positional posturing, runaway costs and expenses, and a “winner take all", bully mentality.

Mediation brings the power back to YOU.

In Divorce Mediation, the couple voluntarily sit down together, with the guidance of the Co-Mediators, and begin the process of communicating their needs and expectations concerning a wide spectrum of issues. The crux of Mediation is to turn away from past destructive behaviors and blame, and stand firm on the promise to redefine the future with respect, integrity, self-esteem and a strong, truthful voice.

MORE POSITIVE, MORE CUSTOMIZABLE, MORE AFFORDABLE The Mediation forum allows for mediation sessions to be tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the couple. The Mediators are fully present, yet neutral and impartial, serving to guide and support the couple as they work together to attain a durable and positive Agreement. With open communication and a safe and sane enviroment, time, cost and destructiveness is minimized and neutralized.

PRIVACY In Divorce Mediation your privacy is tantamount to a commandment and represents a repudiation of adversarial-courthouse litigation. Whereas in Court, financial information, personal information, grounds for divorce and matters concerning children, are open to public scrutiny, the exact opposite is true with Divorce Mediation. It is with Divorce Mediation that your private life remains protected, confidential and safe.

MEDIATION WORKS The wonder of mediation is that even if it appears that there is no agreement between the parties before mediation, as long as there is a willingness to discuss the issues with transparency and respect, then, with the guidance of the mediators, decisions can be reached.

Why Mediate For Life?

A MORE POSITIVE EXPERIENCE Co-Mediation with Mediate For Life Divorce Mediation Center's Mediators offers our clients a dynamically new and fresh perspective on creating a positive and comprehensive divorce mediation experience. The model of open communication, active listening and constant attention to the support of each party's dignity and respect is continuously reinforced -- thus enhancing the potential for an Agreement that meets the acceptance of both parties.

YOUR MEDIATE FOR LIFE TEAM Steven's 30 years of experience in the general practice of Law, specifically Divorce and Criminal Law, and Patricia's 32 years of private practice psychotherapy and counseling for individuals, couples and families, coupled with their advanced training and experience as Mediators, squarely places this Co-Mediation Team at the forefront of the Divorce Mediation spectrum. As Co-Mediators we will listen to you; communicate with you; work with you and guide you to the resolution that works best for you.

To learn more about Mediate For Life's Team, click here. To schedule an appointment, call us at 914-328-7020.